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Reborn by Ella Clarke

Rating: I will sell my soul to a crossroads demon for a sequel.

You will love this book if you enjoy:

- The Supernatural TV series

- YA books

- An original take on the brotherly bond

- Angels and Demons

- Complex characters

- Subtle, grows with the story kind of romance

Reborn starts off with gripping action and holds your attention throughout. I read it in two days and I usually get distracted WAY TOO easily. We follow Kendi, a rebellious angel who's been punished to complete his next assignment sans his powers and without a single clue as to what the assignment entails (which reminded me of complaining to my church friends as we planned our futures). Kendi lives in a makeshift family of angels who help him complete his mission.

I was impressed with the depth and backstories with these characters. Kendi questions authority at every turn which doesn't endear him to the angelic hierarchy system, but he often has a point and we the readers are with him the entire time. He also goes to a local high school and we get to know the whole group of friends, not just the love interest as tends to happen in a lot of YA books I've read. As Kendi learns to let people in, we too start to see the characters with more light and depth.

The love story grows and matures as the book progresses which was a delight to read. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her through Kendi's eyes as the poor angel-turned-human has no idea what these strange feelings are. It's really quite cute and innocent.

Also, I have to dedicate a paragraph to Kendi's angelic brother Malachi (who I imagine to be HIGHLY attractive). Malachi is the rule-abiding counter to Kendi's rebellious side and the two balance each other well. He's been burned by Kendi's rule breaking before and knows better than to trust him blindly. Yet he watches out for Kendi unconditionally. Then, Ella Clarke adds a twist to the tried-and-true brotherly bond story which really sold my love for this series. I'm not going to tell you because it's a spoiler but let's just say if you need someone to geek out about it later, feel free to contact me. I most likely will still be thinking about it.

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