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Authors say writing books can be a lot of work but did you know most of that hard work is in the polishing and publishing steps? 9th House Publishing is taking an innovative approach to fair and honest book publishing, with transparent actions and fair pay for every creative involved. Become a backer for my crowdfunding campaign and get the latest updates as well as a free e-book copy of The Crimson Clover on release day! 

Published Author Aspen Bassett has already taken her readers through time and magic in her last successful series. Now, she’s tackling romance and lies in her latest cozy romantic caper, The Crimson Clover! This gripping novel combines the slight-of-hand magic of Now You See Me with the coupled enemies to lovers found in Mr. and Mrs. Smith to create a whole new world of trickery and flirtation.

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In the high stakes, high energy world of Hollywood, no one connects Maggie, the makeup artist, with The Kid Mentalist, former lead of a viral teen magician group, Her Rebel Magicians. No one, that is, except the sexy actor and crooning singer David Blake. David sweeps Maggie off her feet the night they meet and they manage to stay in contact despite long distance and tight schedules. 

While collaborating with an unapologetic new singer to create a diverse music video, Maggie endures a string of increasing bad luck which escalates to a violent attack on a member of their team. When Maggie finds evidence of sabotage from an underground elitist group called Oleander, she refuses to passively stand by. Instead, she dusts off her old magician persona to misdirect her enemies and keep her team safe.

When David mysteriously shows up in town with connections to Oleander, Maggie realizes she’s not the only one running cons. Now, it’s up to her to protect her coworkers before Oleander silences them forever. There’s just one problem: she might be in love with their villainous leader.

Romantic Girl in Rain Love Story Wattpad Cover (2).png

Check out the crowdfunding campaign to learn more about rewards and opportunities! 

Romantic Girl in Rain Love Story Wattpad Cover (2).png

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