Do you ever struggle to find a good book among the chaos of  Amazon algorithms and saturated genres? Are you fed up with overhyped books which don't match your mood but pop up in every book advertizement? Then this podcast is for you. At Aspen Reads, I interview authors to find out why we should read their books to help you decide if it's the right book for you. Subscribe to Aspen Reads to catch interviews and live readings and even book giveaways!

I will interview authors from all genres from romance to horror so you'll be sure to find a book to read. Want a certain author to guest speak? Make a request on my Instagram @aspenbassett.

Wanna learn more about a book discussed in the podcast? Check out these amazing authors below!

1. Piper Collins: Contemporary Romance Author of Bastian 

2. Britt Andrews: Supernatural Romance Author of The Magic of Discovery

3. Jen Rothstein: Author of the supernatural thriller series Heaven Sent

Shannon Lane: Contemporary Fiction Author of Soul on Fire