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Need a Beta Reader?

Do you have a story to tell but are unsure if that's the story on the page? With over 7 years of writing and a degree in Creative Writing, I've learned that helping authors pull their vision out of their manuscript is my passion. Worried your lead isn't likable? Unsure if the plot of your story makes sense? Paranoid that you've missed a loose end that'll leave your readers upset? I can help you find those shaky parts of your book and pull them out in a way that lifts up your goals for the book. 

I offer three types of services based on your needs: Learn more about my services here

Basic: Starting at $85

I happily read your book and give you my initial impressions and thoughts throughout.

Special Attention: Starting at $95

I pay special attention to the plot and characters to make sure everything ties in nicely.

Obligation Scenes: Starting at $110

Standard + I pay extra attention to obligation scenes and author's goals to get your story out. What are Obligatory scenes? These are the socially expected scenes for Western storytelling genres. The scenes every romance or fantasy, thriller or cozy mystery story must have for the readers to feel satisfied with the plot. Most of these scenes are understood subconsciously and you might have included all the needed scenes without even realizing it but sometimes it's nice to have a beta reader who can keep a look out for those scenes just the same. 

Interested but want to chat with me before working together? Reach out through Fiverr and let me know what you're looking for in a beta reader!

Here's what previous authors have said about my services: 

"Aspen is an absolute dream to work with! I was so relieved and encouraged not only by the supportive comments, but also to see that Aspen does not shy away from opportunities to make a manuscript better with gentle but well supported suggestions that take the entire story and reader’s perspective into consideration. I cannot praise the quality of Aspen’s work enough and recommend anyone to look to Aspen as their new favorite and most trusted Beta Reader."

"Finished ahead of time and gave great insight that I needed to finalize my book!"

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