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Day 1: Cancer New Moon Goals

I have a theory that the universe supports and guides our energies and if we just connect with Nature, the Earth and the Skies, all aspects of life can flourish with ease. Even the shadow phases, the transitions and the deaths of what we once needed. And this all makes sense to me in a big grand scheme kind of way. I don’t have a problem believing that there’s some intelligent deity out there that loves me. My issue comes in the daily things, the tasks and the personal goals. I feel disconnected from how that love and wisdom can help.

Last week I got the idea to tackle my goals in life based on the phases of the lunar moon. Today is the New Moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer, which seems like the perfect day to test that idea out and I want to share with you my thoughts and process. The New Moon phase is all about new beginnings, so I haven’t planned this process out since I wanted to be aligned with the signs/moon phases to test out my theory. Today is the first day that I’m tackling this process.

First thing I did was search for common keywords associated with the sign Cancer. What I found was that Cancer is associated with the idea of “I feel.” It’s a sensitive, nurturing, intuitive, selfless, giving, caring, protective, moody and receptive energy. Coincidentally, the Moon rules this zodiac sign which I felt really aligned with how I wanted to tackle this process.

Second thing I did was look at my personal star chart to see where the sign of Cancer lands which is in my second house. The second house deals with material security. It’s all about money, passions, values, and skills. Here’s another moment of coincidence, or perhaps synchronicity, since the last few days have put into question my feelings of security. The government is not putting in place laws that value the female body and that’s triggering some things that I’m passionate about, some values and securities I’m willing to speak up for. Consequently, this has been on the forefront of my mind.

Next thing I did was combine the keywords of the sign and house to find which stuck out to me and created an affirmation from that. These are the two that I came up with that resonated with me. Remember to make your affirmations in the present tense to align yourself with the energies of already having what you want, rather than aligning with the wantingness of it.

- I feel new financial beginnings into existence

- I connect with abundance by nurturing my values

Then, because I’ve been into crafting lately, I created a scrapbook page with pictures and words that connected me with this feeling. I also brainstormed a goal for the month and I have a few rules for how to create goals:

- The tasks must be manageable and not overwhelming. Task 1 shouldn’t be something huge like “write a trilogy this month”

- The measurements of success must be completely in my control. Setting one’s measurement of success on something external, like “gain 10k followers” or “be in a romantic relationship” often prevents me from seeing a lesson. If the universe wants me to learn how to tackle my social media better or things I need to love about myself before being in a relationship, I’m more likely to see those lessons and information if my goals are in my control, since I don’t get blocked by anxiety or feelings of failure. Rather, if my goal is to “post daily updates on my progress” or “ask Mark from next door out for drinks” I can control the success and the reasons for changing directions in my goals should that need occur.

So for this Cancer Moon Cycle, I have decided on the goal to nurture my values and create opportunities for money in alignment with that I believe. This is surprisingly a difficult task because I grew up with a very capitalistic mindset that I must compromise my values during my day job, “play the game” as they say so that I can practice my values and enjoy my life during my off time. Expressing values and money don’t easily go together in my mind but since I ultimately want to become a full time fiction author who writes about kickass characters, inspiring readers to live their lives more authentically, this false belief is something of which I need to let go.

What’s next, you might ask? How am I going to measure this goal and implement them? That’s what the Waxing Crescent Moon phase is for, setting intentions and planning. So, since I’m testing out this theory, I’ll sit on the goal of “creating opportunities to make money in alignment with what I believe” so that I can plan it out tomorrow. Talk to you then! And for now, love yourself, listen to your intuitition. We’ve got it. :)

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