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From His Perspective by lisa Keeble

Rating: An easy chuckle during the stressful days.

You will enjoy this book if:

- You liked the humor and tone of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

- You want an easy read without the stress

From the beginning, this book hit me as a source of quirky humor. The Boss and his team decide to research the reactions after an experiment goes wrong in their lab. That experiment? Our world. I thought of this book more like a series of short stories as The Boss witnesses (and interferes when needed) our world unfurl from creation to evolution to major historical moments.

I personally would have enjoyed a little more at stake for the main characters. The biggest personal risks for them are when the cookies are low in the snack room which, I understand is a huge deal, but a little more would not have gone amiss. However, it really worked as a disconnected view of the world and events which we associate so much emotion too. I loved how confused they were in aspects which we consider obvious and how they understood the things we consider complicated. So if you're looking for an easy read that will make you laugh and won't take you down a roller coaster of emotional pain and torture (something I do actually need from time to time) then this book is for you. You can purchase it on amazon.

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