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Earth's Final Chapter by Endless Ink Publishing

Rating: Would go in debt for one of these droids

You will love this series if you enjoy:

  • Science Fiction

  • Fast paced, direct tone of writing

  • Characters supporting characters

  • A little romance and a lot of awesome tech (seriously I want a STNG so much. And a PIC droid. And...)

I read Book 1 Volume 1 of Earth's Final Chapter in about an hour and yes I will have to keep reading. The story takes place in a futuristic world, after World War 3 basically destroyed everything and society has gone the way of Joss Whedon's Firefly. We meet the lead character, Avinon, a young man who has been surviving on his own since he was a kid. He's a lone scavenger and likes it that way until he sees two captured humans, a beautiful young woman and her little brother. After easily taking out the slavers (I forgot to mention that this guy kicks BUTT) he and the siblings must figure out a way to get back to his house safely. Of course the journey can never be as simple as a few starlit lights and a few fishing trips. Bad guys come, danger ensues, the whole story moves pretty quickly.

I enjoyed the story. The quick read accompanied by skillful illustrations made for an enjoyable evening. There aren't enough grown up books with illustrations if you ask me. Yes, we have comics and I love a good comic but there's something about reading a few pages of dialogue and description and then looking at a picture of it all. Especially in a Scifi world where the visuals can get breathtaking pretty fast. A warning for the weak stomachs out there, there are a few illustrations with some violence. Like two pictures so it's not a big deal but also don't get mad at me if you're shocked later. Overall, if you like scifi worlds, a quick read you don't have to devote too much time to, and are willing to long for technology you'll never be able to buy, then this book is for you.

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