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A Penny Lost on a Virtual Tour

Hey All,

Guess who is going on a virtual book tour? That's right, this girl. iRead Book Tours has made the journey not only easy but also extremely pleasant and I'm excited to say that from April 23rd to May 4th, I will visit various websites for author interviews and guest blog posts. Below is the schedule. However, you should totally click here for the official tour schedule information. And NOTE the wonderful giveaways scattered throughout the tour!

BOOK REVIEW TOUR SCHEDULE: April 23 - Working Mommy Journal - review / giveaway April 23 - The Book Enigma - review / author interview / giveaway April 24 - Adventures Thru Wonderland - review / guest post / giveaway April 24 - Library of Clean Reads - review / giveaway April 25 - Ishiee's Book Blog - review / guest post / giveaway April 25 - Bookworm for Kids - review / giveaway April 26 - Rockin' Book Reviews - review / guest post / giveaway April 26 - The Autistic Gamer - review April 27 - Books for Books - review April 27 - Booklove - review / author interview April 30 - Sefina Hawke's Books - review April 30 - Bound 4 Escape - review / giveaway May 1 - Diary of an Avid Reader - review May 1 - Lovely Loveday - review / author interview May 2 - Two Points of Interest - review / giveaway May 2 - Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews - review / giveaway May 3 - Phytallic - review /giveaway May 3 - Cheryl's Book Nook - review / guest post / giveaway May 4 - JBronder Book Reviews - review / guest post / giveaway May 4 - Book Paradise - review / author interview / giveaway

So come and visit me through these sites and toss your name in for a giveaway before time runs out! Have a question that wasn't answered? Contact me through the website or my twitter account.

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