My Published Works

If you’re interested in reading any of my published work, they are available at Amazon at these links:

Book 1 of Penelope Grace Trilogy: When Penelope Grace’s ability to see energies tosses her through time, she must learn how to manipulate energies in order to get back home before it’s too late. A Penny Lost 

Short Story: One girl must save her city from an invisible thief using only her superpower to control blankets at Oomph: A Little Super Goes A Long Way

Short Story: Penny Grace gets transported to the Titanic and must comfort a young lady before her demise at Inaccurate Realties: Volume 2: Time Travel 

Short Story: A paranoid young girl realizes her abilities to manipulate fear when her brother is kidnapped at Inaccurate Realities: Volume 4: Superpowers.