Kindle Book A Penny Lost Available for Pre-Order

In less than 15 days, my newest YA novel A Penny Lost will be officially released. You can pre order the Kindle now here.

Penelope Grace, usually forgotten under the shadow of her twin sister’s perfection, tries her hardest to hide her freakish ability to see into anyone’s soul.

Until she senses an unusual energy like a human shaped void in the universe. When Penny investigates the source, she gets tossed through a crack in time along with the cute boy next door. The Void follows them through history, increasing the dangers as if testing Penny. But what is it testing for? And why does it claim to know her better than even she knows herself? Even as Penny searches for answers, she must fight to survive the tragedies of both the past and future in order to get back home.

A Penny Lost is the first book in the Penelope Grace trilogy. Follow Penny as she time travels to different places, meets historical figures, and significantly changes the course of the future. But she’s not traveling alone. Meet Stranger, a cute boy around her age with absolutely no memories of who he is or where he’s from. The only thing he knows is that it’s vitally important he save… someone. But the heroic soul of Stranger isn’t Penny’s only companion. The Void, a mysterious and soulless being wants to know exactly who Penny is and how she could be this powerful. Problem is Penny doesn’t even know the half of her abilities to see and manipulate energies. Throughout her adventures, Penny has to choose what kind of person she wants to be: trustworthy or heroic. The more Penny learns about her powers, the more she realizes she can’t be both.

A Penny Lost is based off of a published short story titled “Tip of The Iceberg” which you can buy now here.


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Aspen Bassett works at a library, telling stories and suggesting books. When she’s not working, she’s usually sipping tea or hot cocoa and wondering what would happen if she had superpowers. She’s been published in multiple anthologies including Oomph: A Little Super Goes a Long Way and Inaccurate Realities.

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