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As a child, my favorite toy was a type writer. I remember spelling the word duck over and over again as I learned to spell. During a move, that type writer was lost but my need to write remained. Now, years later, I am finishing up my degree in Creative Writing and preparing for the real world. I’ve been published in Crossed Genres: Oomph A Little Power Goes a Long Way, Inaccurate Realities Volume 2: Time Travel, and Volume 4: Superpowers. I’m currently working on a novel which involves time travel and a spunky young teenager who struggles to save the world against the odds.

If anything competed with my love for words, it lived under the title superheroes. Empowered characters who not only saved themselves but rescued others, who stood up for what they believed in and made a difference in their universe. I dreamed in worlds where my enemies were externalized villains rather than the internal stresses of my daily life. These heroes had long ago been labeled as “Impossible” in my child-like mind. I thought superheroes lived only in the minds of Stan Lee and Rick Riordan. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

Then, two years ago, I met a young woman and future mentor who taught me about auras and chakras. I took classes, learned to meditate and took control of my own energies. Previously to these classes, fear played a major role in my daily life. I can’t say that I’ve transformed into an adventurer but I became brave enough to get to know one of the most important people in my life: Me. And I let others get to know her too. I’ve become comfortable in my own skin and, as a consequence, in life. My faith in myself and the forces at play in the universe help me to take chances and risks in life. I’ve become enchanted with life and how easily it is to save yourself.

During a meditation class, I had an epiphany which forever changed my life. I had become the superhero of my own life. I might as well give myself a cape, the way I felt. And I wanted the world to know that you can be your own superhero too. With an open mind, the villain can be located and destroyed quicker than Zod against Superman. If you’d like, you can join me as I investigate just how powerful one’s inner superhero can become.



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